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This Innovative Transdermal Drug Delivery Technology Promises 10x Better Treatment for Wounds and Multiple Skin Diseases

In a significant leap forward for the treatment of wounds and infectious skin diseases, a groundbreaking transdermal drug delivery technology invented by ViaDerma is being used in their main product, Vitastem Ultra, one of the strongest broad-spectrum topical antibiotics in the world for treating wounds and a large number of skin conditions. This innovative TDD aims to deliver medications ten times more effectively to the affected site, providing faster, more targeted relief for patients.

A New Frontier in Transdermal Drug Delivery

The crux of Vitastem Ultra’s proprietary technology lies in its transdermal drug delivery mechanism. Unlike oral medications, which must pass through the digestive system, or injections, which can be painful and invasive, transdermal delivery allows medications to be absorbed directly through the skin.


By using a highly specialized combination of ingredients and chemistry, Vitastem has hacked the transdermal drug delivery formula in such a unique way that it enables medicine to be transported at 10x the strength and depth of other antibiotic products. 


Vitastem uses both a chemical and a physical mechanism to kill and fight pathogens. The key feature of Vitastem’s strength is the physical mechanism of killing harmful bacteria. This very unique formula stimulates the cell wall such that it is up to 10x more permeable than normal, allowing for substantially more medicine to enter into the cell, which then overwhelms and kills the bacteria so quickly that it does not have time to adapt and develop resistance to it at all.

Potential Applications

Vitastem Ultra is envisioned as a treatment option for a range of conditions, including chronic wounds, bacterial skin infections like cellulitis and impetigo, and other infections like finger and toenail fungus. Even more so, Vitastem is highly effective at treating MRSA and staph infections too. Furthermore, Vitastem has helped save countless amputations due to diabetic wounds as well. 


“I’ve used Vitastem on a necrotic infected anterior leg ulcer. It really seemed to decrease bacterial burden and in addition to periodic wound debridement and dressing changes, I feel that Vitastem significantly improved the appearance and health of the wound. The patient felt like it was easy to use and tolerated it well.” said Dr. Craig Cortese, DPM of Cortese Foot & Ankle Clinic PC in Normal, IL.

Clinical Testing and Safety for All Age Groups

The rigorous clinical testing over the past 10 years has been promising. In recent studies, Vitastem Ultra demonstrated a tenfold increase in drug delivery efficiency compared to traditional methods of treating wounds.

The Future of Wound Care Treatments

Vitastem Ultra is already proven successful in its many trials and could mark a new chapter in the treatment of minor to severe wounds and a variety of infectious skin diseases. The potential to reduce systemic side effects, lower doses, and simplify treatment regimens may make it an invaluable tool for healthcare professionals globally.

In Summary

Vitastem Ultra is an FDA-registered topical antibiotic and class-1 medical product that uses only the safest ingredients that are already FDA-approved. It is safe to use for all age groups, including children and infants. Vitatem represents a potential paradigm shift in the treatment of wounds and infectious skin diseases. As the technology continues to be refined and tested, the medical community watches with bated breath, hopeful that this could be the next big leap in patient care. And, with recent updates, consumers do not need a doctor appointment or recommendation to use this wonder drug. Anyone, anywhere can simply purchase Vitastem online via their website as it is available over the counter without any prescription needed. 



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