Elon Musk says Twitter rules will ‘evolve’ as he talks up new features

Elon Musk says Twitter rules

The controversy surrounding Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, the social company, continues with Musk declaring that from now on, any Twitter accounts that mimic someone else and are not branded as parody accounts will be suspended for life.

“Going forward, the next time you use Twitter, any Twitter accounts that engage in impersonation and do not clearly state “parody” will be permanently suspended,” Musk tweeted. “Before suspension, we issued a warning, but we will not do so now that we are rolling out widespread verification.” This will be clearly identified as a requirement for joining Twitter Blue.

Through The Guardian, over the weekend, comedians started to mock Musk by changing the handle’s nickname to “Elon Musk” or something similar to it.

US comedy star Kathy Griffin, who had two million followers and a blue tick, received an exile after changing her name to Elon Musk. Musk then posted to say that Griffin “can have it back” and followed it up with a tweet that read “for $8.”

Musk added that the name changes could result in a temporary loss of the verified checkmarks for users.

Today, he posted on Twitter: “Twitter rules will evolve over time,” while connecting to the current rules of Twitter.

The New York Times reported on Sunday that Twitter has decided to delay its paid-for Twitter Blue membership until following the US mid-term elections. Certain employees and users of Twitter raised concern that users could make verified accounts for news or political sites and then use them to spread discord.

In Musk’s words: “Twitter must become the world’s most accurate source of information.” That’s our mission. In response to Twitter founder Jack Dorsey’s question, “Accurate to who?” Musk suggested Twitter’s Birdwatch feature, which lets users report inaccurate information.

However, after an authentic digital media director with 2,000 followers criticized Musk’s comments considering the pay-for Twitter blue tick, Musk responded: “You represent the problem that journalists believe they are the sole source of reliable information.” “It’s a big lie.”

Musk during the weekend said he would let Twitter users include long-form text in tweets. Many users post pictures of text in order to bypass the restrictions of long-form text.

He also stated that searching inside Twitter “will also get a lot better pronto.”

On Friday, the company fired 3700 Twitter employees, which is about half of its staff. The company has now asked many employees to return, and some of them were dismissed by accident. according to Bloomberg’s sources. The remaining software engineers and developers are said to be working to launch the features that were ordered by Musk.

Musk is looking to revive Vine, the short-form video platform that Twitter shut down in 2016. In the past weekend, he said that he would like to start “creator monetization for all forms of content.” According to The Guardian, Musk talked to YouTubers from a variety of channels and stated that Twitter may be able to “beat” the 55% of the ad revenue YouTube provides its top performers.

Elon Musk says Twitter rules will ‘evolve’ as he talks up new features

However, several big advertisers have temporarily stopped advertising on Twitter after Musk assumed control of the company. Some of the companies reported to have suspended advertising on Twitter include General Motors, General Mills, Pfizer, Audi, and Volkswagen.

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