Elon Musk Plans New City in Texas – Called Starbase and Led by ‘The Doge’

Elon Musk says Twitter rules

If anyone has the potential to amaze the industry with his formidable projects, it is certainly Elon Musk. The billionaire announced that he is constructing Starbase, a new town in Texas, alongside the rocket launch website of his company, SpaceX.

Later, he alluded to his task to colonize the pink planet, hinting that Starbase might be simply the start of moving further. “From there to Mars.” And for this reason, the “Stars,” distinctively the CEO of Tesla,

The tycoon, who’s presently the second-richest man or woman in the world, stated that his town will occupy an area “plenty larger” than Boca Chica, an area that has a release web page for SpaceX and in which the business enterprise is constructing its Starship rocket. Eddie Trevio, who chose Cameron County, Texas, demonstrated that SpaceX was aware of Elon Musk‘s intention: to incorporate Boca Chica into the town of Starbase. The plaintiff stated that the multi-millionaire and his business should follow all national incorporation statutes and that the county will treat any petition in accordance with the law.

Elon Musk Plans New City in Texas – Called Starbase and Led by ‘The Doge’

Musk additionally tweeted that the chief of his new town “will be the doge,” linking to a Wikipedia definition for the Venetian phrase “doge,” which means either “navy commander” or “religious chief.”

Musk made his statement in response to a Twitter user named Wootiez, who had asked him if his new town was dog-friendly.

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