Why You Should Hire A Blockchain Development Company

Why You Should Hire A Blockchain Technology Company

One of the technologies that is currently accelerating company transformation is blockchain. Many people are still perplexed by the term “blockchain,” despite the fact that it has gained significant commercial traction in relation to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The phrases “blockchain” and “bitcoin” are still used interchangeably. As a result, if they learn about any blockchain development company, they consider them to be bitcoin enterprises.
However, blockchain technology is not only useful for bitcoin. Peer-to-peer architecture, on which it is built, reduces operational costs while boosting security, transaction transparency, and data robustness.

There is really no excuse for disregarding the fantastic economic opportunities that this technology can provide. This essay will examine the various ways that blockchain might significantly affect your firm. Let’s first look at how blockchain will operate in the world of commerce.

The Potential Impact of Blockchain Technology on Business

Blockchain technology has the unmatched capacity to introduce fresh and creative thoughts while incorporating old ones. For instance, blockchain development firms are revolutionizing the real estate sector by removing the need for middlemen and enabling stakeholders to execute transactions safely.

The third generation of the internet will be driven by blockchain, which has the ability to build a reliable, unfiltered, and decentralised repository of data and information that will be available globally. Blockchain technology is the future because of this.

On its potential, some predictions have already been made:

  • IDC forecasts that yearly global data spending on blockchain solutions would reach $19 billion by the end of 2024.
  • By 2030, blockchain technology will produce an estimated USD 3.1 trillion in annual economic value, claims Gartner. This demonstrates unequivocally that by next year, 10%–20% of the world’s economic infrastructure will be governed by blockchain-based systems.
  • Revenues from blockchain technology will soar in the years to come, topping USD 39 billion by 2025, predicts Statista.
  • Blockchain is anticipated to become the “Blockchain of Things,” per a report by MARKETSANDMARKETS. It is anticipated that the widespread use of blockchain-based Internet of Things (IoT) would increase demand and create a market of USD 2,409 million by 2026.

Why Should You Hire A Blockchain Technology Company?

A skilled blockchain development team can assist your project in achieving its main goals. Due to the fact that blockchain technology is still in its infancy, many business owners and entrepreneurs are unsure on how to choose a blockchain developer. Furthermore, a large number of developers have entered the market as a result of the technology’s popularity. Some of these developers are unable to produce the best blockchain solutions due to a lack of experience and expertise.

Therefore, you must arm yourself with knowledge before you begin your search for a blockchain development business. The business you’re considering should become extremely knowledgeable about blockchain technology. Data structures, smart contracts, cryptography, interoperability, and blockchain architecture are a few of the crucial topics to evaluate. You should also take into account the team’s cost, innovation, competence, and communication skills. Overall, finding the best team you can work well with is the first step to launching a successful blockchain project. In order to hire the greatest development team, you need to make sure to undertake thorough research.

Important Points To Consider When Choosing A Blockchain Development Company

For the majority of people, locating the top blockchain development team can be difficult. You are in the greatest possible position to make an informed decision thanks to all the searches, interviews, hiring models, and reviews. It should go without saying that you should resist the need to concentrate on picking contractors with low charges. Technology that has the potential to influence the future is expensive, and skilled blockchain developers fall somewhere between the middle and top of the price range. Furthermore, the best services will be top-notch with few problems and come at expensive pricing. You can be confident that working with the proper development partner will help your company grow. The points discussed above are summarized as follows:

Employing Model: 

You have the option of using an internal or an external model. For the majority of blockchain initiatives, an outsourced approach works best due to its speedy and excellent solutions.

Project Specification: 

You must determine the specific specifications of your project by deciding what you hope to achieve through blockchain technology, your company concept, and crucial deadlines. Finding the ideal provider for your needs is made easier when you are clear on what you want.

Identify Candidates:

When assessing a candidate, you should inquire about their familiarity with programming languages, blockchain network security, fundamental blockchain concepts, and available tools. You could also ask them how long they have worked in the field.

Leading 5 Blockchain Development Companies

The top 10 blockchain technology development companies in the US are listed below based on reviews, ratings, locations, and other criteria:

1. Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc., one of the top blockchain development firms, has been around for more than 13 years. Many small, medium, and large businesses have used them to achieve their objectives. This company develops platforms and apps that are distinctive and user-friendly using cutting-edge technology. Even huge organizations like Market Watch, Benzinga, Fox, Business Insider, and others are aware of them.

They have gained the admiration and value of the most valuable brand in the world as a result of their excellent work. For businesses of all sizes, including Fortune 500 organizations and bootstrapped startups, they are the go-to provider of blockchain development services. They have also been named India’s “Emerging blockchain Development Company” by The Hindustan Times, a significant national news source.

Specialization: Metaverse and Blockchain development, NFT Marketplace, Web3 Solutions, Crypto Solutions

Workforce Strength: 400+ Employees

Pricing: $25 to $49/hr

Founded: 2013

Location: California (USA)

2. RisingMax Inc.

RisingMax Inc., one of the top providers of blockchain, Web3, metaverse, and NFT development services, offers solutions for enterprise blockchain development, smart contract development, and AR/VR game development. They specialize in offering solutions for the financial, e-commerce, educational, real estate, automobile, and other industries. RisingMax Inc. has completed over 1000 projects, 400+ of which included blockchain technology.

They are appropriate for both small and large businesses because of their low development costs. The organization has more than 150 developers, designers, and QA test professionals on staff.

Specialization: Metaverse, blockchain, app development, and IT consulting

Workforce Strength: 300+ Employees

Pricing: $25-$49 per hour

Founded: 2011

Location: New York and California

3. Protiviti

Protiviti, a multinational consulting firm, provides CEOs with extensive knowledge, unbiased insights, a tailored strategy, and exceptional cooperation to help them bravely face the future. Protiviti provides consulting services in finance, technology, operations, data, analytics, governance, risk, and internal audit to prospective clients through its network of offices in more than 25 countries.

They also work together on blockchain initiatives for government agencies, start-up companies, and companies that intend to go public.

Their specialties include advanced analytics, restructuring and bankruptcy, governance risk and compliance, IT security and privacy, big data consulting, and enterprise performance management. They are consequently included in our ranking of the top Blockchain technology companies.

Specialization: Enterprise solutions, data management, security & identity protection, and blockchain development

Workforce Strength: 10000+ employees Strength Pricing

Pricing: $150-$250/hr

Founded: 2002

Location: California (USA)

4. Waverley Software

Waverley works globally in the USA, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia with a staff of 80 competent workers, 73% of them are in management. They are a blockchain development firm that helps companies in many industries realize the full potential of the technology. Talk about the idea of your job with your programmers and blockchain experts, who have practical experience building solutions using this cutting-edge technology. They offer end-to-end Blockchain solutions, making them one of the blockchain technology firms.

Specialization: Web Development, Blockchain, AI/ML, and Data Science 

Workforce Strength: 200-500 employees 

Pricing: $50 to $200/hr

Founded: 1992

Location: California (USA)

5. Helium

Helium is changing the future by constructing a global decentralised wireless network for trillions of machines. It was founded in 2013 by Shawn Fanning of Napster, Amir Haleem, and Sean Carey. The business is backed by investors including Khosla Ventures, GV (previously Google Ventures), FirstMark Capital, Marc Benioff, HSB/MunichRe Ventures, Slow Ventures, and others.

Specialization: Development of the Internet of Things, wireless technology, security, and blockchain 

Workforce Strength: 20–50 Employees 

Pricing: $100–200/hr

Founded: 2013

Location: San Francisco (USA)


Through security, data analysis, and control, blockchain offers a distributed ledger solution that enhances the media supply chain and lowers copyright infringements. Real-time challenges can be resolved by a variety of industries, including healthcare, logistics, manufacturing, and information technology, with the use of blockchain technology. Blockchain has the potential to completely revolutionize a number of industries, along with other game-changing technologies like AI, Big Data, and Cloud.

If your company also wants to participate in the blockchain revolution, you must recruit skilled developers who can create your assets and assist you in changing the game in your industry.

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