Why Amazon Taunting Politicians?

Why Amazon Taunting Politicians

In a clash with progressive US senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, Amazon officials tweeted that “this kind of bad behavior is something you rarely see from a large corporation.” writes Kara Swisher.

Why Amazon Taunting Politicians?

“Here’s what was more remarkable and troubling to me: I was shocked to learn that one of the biggest companies on the planet can’t stand criticism from politicians and among the biggest kids on the planet. Can’t act like one..” But what was the reason?

It was strangely emotional and risky. That is the reason it was evident that the choice to start these attacks was made by someone who rarely has to suffer when mistakes are made, such as the late Mr. Bezos.

Why Amazon Taunting Politicians?

What is the reason he would choose this approach?

I doubt that his goal is to influence the vote of union members in Alabama. The objective was to convince progressives to propose legislation on matters like data privacy as well as a $15 federal minimum wage, which Mr. Bezos knows cannot pass without being diluted and, consequently, less risky for giants such as Amazon. After gaining a lot of power during the fight against pandemics and becoming among the most loved brands, Amazon is now addressing Washington lawmakers, who have been slow to act and held endless and mostly irrelevant hearings on what to do with technology and data privacy: “I challenge you to regulate us.”

Why Amazon Taunting Politicians?

For Amazon to be able to operate without regulation, it will certainly be more effective than having to speak about the actual human cost that free shipping could impose on its employees. This is an approach that will be adopted by many tech executives, who will attempt to leverage the momentum of regulation to their favor instead of letting it trample on them. In a recent hearing before Congress, Facebook’s chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, sheepishly proposed modifications to Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act, which grants platforms wide immunity to content that they post on their sites. A lot of observers believed, however, that the claims in Mr. Zuckerberg’s suggestions were just untrue and would end up benefiting big tech companies like Facebook.

It’s risky, but potentially high-reward, and has been Mr. Bezos’ brand for his entire career—even before he had all this money and power.

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