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Who is Namiko Love Browner dad?

There is an American R&B musician named Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo, and O’Ryan Omir’s daughter is called Namiko Love Browner. Her first appearance was on the video music to “The Pressure” and “Eternal Sunshine” from her mother’s major label debut album Souled Out when she was only a small kid. She sang along to the following song, “Sing to Me,” from her mother’s second album, Trip, which was released on September 17, 2017. The couple was involved in a crash in Los Angeles on August 27, 2013, that resulted in only minor harm to her mother. While she’s no longer social media savvy, her mother did manage an Instagram account, one of which went by the name @namikoloveb.

What is Namiko Love Browner’s father?

Namiko Love Browner, a well-known American celebrity child, is the child of O’Ryan and Jhene Aiko. O’Ryan can be described as an R&B singer, while Jhene Aiko performs as a B2K artist. Browner is from a family with a strong musical background. Jhene Aiko is also a songwriter.

Who is Namiko Love Browner dad?

Jhene began her career as a performer and has appeared in a variety of music videos for the group B2K.

Who is Namiko Love Browner dad?

American R&B singer O’Ryan Omir Browner is from the US. His younger brother is the R&B singer Omarion. He recorded a self-titled record in 2004, which was targeted at a young pop audience.

Who is Namiko Love Browner dad?

From 2005 to 2008, he was in a relationship with American musician Jhene Aiko. Aiko gave birth to the couple’s baby girl, Namiko Love, on November 19, 2008.



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