Vicky White

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Vicky White is a former Alabama corrections officer who worked as the assistant director of corrections in the Lauderdale County, Alabama, detention center.

She labored as a totally honest corrections officer for nearly 17 years.

Vicky White, age

Vicky White had just turned 56 years old when she died. Because she no longer makes her personal information public, the true date of her birth is not always considered.

family of Vicky White

There is no information about her immediate family. Her siblings aren’t respected. In fact, there may be no information about her own family in any way, and no one has inquired about her father and mother because she is no longer famous in any way.

Vicky White’s children

Vicky White had no children. She became a childless widow. She had no children at the time of her death at the age of 56. She also no longer has any children.

Vicky White married

Vicky White was divorced at the time of her death. She had no romantic relationships.

Vicky White and Casey White

Vicky White received countrywide attention while she fled the Lauderdale County Corrections Center with inmate Casey White.

Casey White has been “caged” for the alleged homicide of Connie Ridgeway, a 51-year-old Alabama woman. He also has a 75-month sentence for homicide, theft, and other violent crimes.

Vicky White and Casey White fled the country on April 29, 2022. They are believed to be in a romantic courtship. It is likewise believed that Vicky White willingly fled the area with homicide suspect Casey White.

Vicky White’s Spouse

Vicky White became married to a person surely recognized as Tommy White in 2002. They were married to a person surely recognized as Tommy White in 2002. They were divorced, with Vicky bringing up drug addiction.

Her former husband, Tommy White, reportedly died at age 62 of Parkinson’s disease.

Vicky White’s Demise

Vicky White died on May 9, 2022. She died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds. When she and her partner were apprehended in a motel in Indiana, they gave the police a car chase that led to a wreck.

Vicky White, who was given the opportunity to comprehend the mess she was in, pulled a gun and fatally shot herself. She was rushed to a nearby medical institution, where she died.

Vicky White’s autopsy report

Her post-mortem report indicates that she committed suicide. She shot herself once they were concerned about a wreck.

Casey White, her unrepentant partner, had hoped to engage the cops in a shootout, but the accident prevented him from doing so.


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