Twitter Announces It Will Expand (Non-Public) Downvoting

Twitter is now experimenting with its personal version, consistent with the International Business Times:

Following the release of a “downvoting” function in July, Twitter revealed on Wednesday that it may be taking the function to the global testing stage, while questions remain about whether or not this fosters a more positive or negative atmosphere on the platform. The agency introduced that the “downvotes” will extend to more humans on iOS and Android devices and reiterated that the votes aren’t public but can assist the agency in deciding what form of content material special humans in reality want to see.

“We learned a lot about the types of responses you don’t like, and we’re expanding this investigation-more of you are on the internet, and soon iOS and Android will offer downvoting.”

“Downvotes aren’t visible, but they help us determine what content humans need to see.”

Twitter is no longer introducing the “downvote” function until it can be rolled out to all users, if at all. While the examination should aid the agency in determining whether the downvote option promotes a more hateful environment or fosters a better experience, their final decision is still unknown.


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