Meet Triangl, the swimwear company selling 1,500 bikinis a day


Even if you’re not familiar with the name Triangl Bikini, You’ve probably seen the brand’s swimwear, either on the bodies of famous people or just in poolside photos. The triangle bikini has emerged as the hottest trend in bathing suits this season. Triangl’s look can be recognized anywhere: bright colors, oversized patterns, and a sporty vibe.

Craig Ellis and Erin Deering, two Australians, founded the company Triangl in 2012. After realizing there was a need for fashionable but functional swimwear produced from technological materials (all Triangl’s sets are constructed from neoprene). After just a few years online, the company anticipates a staggering $60,000,000 in sales for this year,

Up from $25,000,000,000 in sales last year and $5,000,000 in sales in its first year of operation. In addition, it is now selling 45,000 bikinis every month and is on track to sell over 1,000,000 bikinis in total.

Triangl: The World’s Most Popular Swimwear Brand

The label’s accessibility is enhanced by its reasonable prices, which average roughly £60 each set. What a year this has turned out to be; I was totally unprepared for it.  We had a fantastic time from the beginning of the year through summer said Ellis, the company’s co-founder. Get your favorite triangle bikini in discounted price Triangl Discount Code.

Support from a large online community (2.8 million Instagram followers and growing)  And a large number of famous people (including Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, and Joan Smalls), among others.

Take Care When Storing

You shouldn’t put your Triangl Bikini in the closet crumpled up like the rest of your bikinis. Since neoprene folds readily into unsightly wrinkles, It’s best to keep your bikini in the drawstring bag it came in while not in use.

Be Careful When Sitting

I realize how silly this may seem, but bear with me. The fibers are porous, so grit and debris may readily become trapped within. My first Triangl Bikini met this unfortunate fate, and although I was able to save most of the suit, The remaining pieces now have a dusty, worn appearance, so I seldom wear them.

Rinse It Out

Be cautious to wash your neoprene suit after being exposed to salt water or chlorine. Rinsing in hot water should be avoided since it weakens the fibers and causes the fabric to become stiff.

One of the finest features of a neoprene bikini (particularly a strapless one) is that it doesn’t ride up or fall down when you’re surfing or swimming, so this is essential information to have. It’s best not to let it dry in the sun, though; UV rays are neoprene’s biggest enemy, cracking and drying up the material.

Don’t Machine Wash It

Avoid using Triangl Bikini with washing machines at all costs. Your washing machine, if it’s anything like mine, will probably tear up your neoprene. That, or it will shrink or become ruined, both of which you really don’t want to happen to your $100 bikini. If you want to give it a thorough cleaning, wash it by hand in cold, soapy water and let it dry somewhere out of the sun.

Ordering A Swimwear Online

The bikinis may only be purchased as whole sets, so if you want a top, you’ll need to get the bottoms first. Triangl Bikini real-time chatting feature is great for getting size estimates. A customer service agent is just a few seconds away, ready to help you choose the proper size to purchase.

Aside from that, the size chart was quite helpful. The fact that they come in distinct sizes (small and small ++) is a bonus. Importantly, Triangl Bikini accepts and refunds returns, but the return shipping expense is on the customer. Normal delivery times are between three and seven business days, which was just right.

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Result: Very Satisfied

The small in both the top and bottom is the ideal size for me. The high standards of the product have won me over. To the letter, it matches the description on the internet. I found neoprene to be really tight and comfy, plus the swimsuit came with a cute bag (the type of freebie that is very handy for a swimwear).

You shouldn’t wear it all day however, since it’s not particularly breathable. Note that I never spend the whole of the day at the beach. When compared to standard triangle tops, this swimwear’s neckline is unquestionably the greatest benefit. This top has a natural push-up effect that looks great on the neck.

Describe To Us The Very Moment That The Idea Of Triangl Took Form In Your Minds

To put it simply, I love this tale. On one of our first outings together, Craig that we visit a beach in Melbourne, Australia. I quietly agreed, but then hurriedly searched the city for a new bikini to wear to the beach so I could wow him!

I looked everywhere, but everything I liked was above $200 (far out of my price range!) After making it down to the shore, I filled him in on what had happened, and the germ of an idea was planted.

Do You Have Any Experience In The Field Of Design

Before working on denim for another firm, Craig owned an Australian t-shirt line. Despite his lack of education, Craig is responsible for all of Triangl Bikini designs and ideas. Although my background is in marketing, I have expertise in e-commerce and product development/buying.

When Your Product’s Price Is Lower Than That Of Competing Brands, How Can You Maintain The Same Level Of Quality

We do this by investing a great deal of time in communicating with our suppliers and producers. We uprooted our operations all the way from Australia to Hong Kong so as to be closer to our supplier chain.

Making and remaking samples and then verifying production to ensure our requirements were fulfilled took a lot of time at our plant, especially in the first year.

Summary: Triangl Bikini Review

I love this bath-suit and will reorder it!

The Pros

  • Variations in size and form
  • Incredibly vivid and long-lasting prints.
  • Exemplary service to the customer
  • Extremely Elegant
  • This neckline is very gorgeous.

The Cons

  • Triangl Bikini Can’t be used right away since it takes too long to dry
  • A complete outfit (top and bottom) purchase is required.
  • If you wear neoprene, keep in mind that it does not allow much air circulation.
  • Only available digitally; no refunds on shipping fees.

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