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Top 10 Funny Comments for Best Friend Pics on Instagram

Leaving funny comments on an Instagram story or pics that your friend has shared recently puts a smile behind the face of your friend and shows how caring you are with your friend.  A true friend appraises and laughs at their friend’s jokes when they may not be funny and inspires others to leave a good comment behind him. All you are doing is to make your friend happy, but sometimes picking a good comment might be pretty difficult for you and you are looking for the best comment to write on your friend’s posts or stories. You may require some cool and fresh comments for best friend pics on Instagram to leave as people are going crazy over Instagram posts. 

If your friend has shared a post on Instagram, then just liking them is not enough to make them feel special to you, you need some Good comments for Instagram pictures. Shower them with some funny and unique comments as we have curated a list of the best comments on Instagram posts.

Top 10 Funny Comments on Instagram

When it comes to making your friend feel someone special to you, leaving a funny Instagram post comment is preferred.  

  1. Cool pics, My eyes are Relaxed now” with some funny emojis.
  2. Looking, Sweet Like Chocolate
  3. I love my Crazy Goofy
  4. What Magazine Cover are you posing for Today
  5. Why soooooo Pretttyyyy 
  6. Sending this selfie to NASA because you are a Star
  7. You Look Gorgeous, I am lying🤩
  8. What a Rich Smile, CBI wants your location.
  9. You look fresher than Salad
  10.  Excuse me, this is out of the world

Short Funny Comments for Instagram

Looking for short comments for Instagram, on your friend’s posts, we have compiled a list of some short but sweet comments that you may like to leave on Instagram.

  1. Your Smile is Wow
  2.  One word for this picture is “Stunning”
  3. Watch out World
  4. Very Gorgeous, I am falling in love with this snap of you
  5. God bless you and continue making me smile like this.
  6. Friends Forever
  7. Beautiful as always
  8. Your Charm is really irresistible
  9. Dashing Look
  10.  Damn, That smile is so Dangerous 

Funny Instagram Post Comment 

Here is the list of the top ten funny Instagram post comment 

  1. Excuse me, sunset, but you’re in the way of looking at my beautiful best friend. 
  2. You make everything look so fun! Can we hang out soon? 
  3. Friends buy you food. Best friends eat your food. 
  4. Thanks to your talks, I know the difference between the stars every time I see them.
  5.  Frankly, I can never imagine not being in the company of someone amazing like you.
  6.  Girl, all your pics deserved a ‘Yesss, queen!” You are the prettiest. 
  7. Two souls with but a single thought, two friends that are never apart.
  8. I am so Fortunate that you get to call me your best friend
  9. Hey, You are breaking the internet
  10.  You and strong Wifi, are what I only need in my life

Good Comments for Instagram Pictures

Some Good comments for Instagram pictures are listed below

  1. You mean the world to me. I love you.
  2. Study hard, do good, and a good life will follow.
  3. Your life is like a movie, and I just need some popcorn.
  4. Two souls with but a single thought, two friends that are never apart.
  5. Loving, dare I say?
  6. Good times plus crazy friends equal great memories in this picture.
  7. Wow, another busy day of being obsessed with you.
  8. This Outfit deserves applause
  9. The most fabulous best friend in the world is taken
  10.  Instagram saw it first. We rock.

Comments for Best Friend Pics on Instagram

It’s time to leave comments for best friend pics on Instagram 

  1. You look awesome. I couldn’t help but share my thoughts.
  2. Master, teach me how to take selfies like you.
  3. I don’t know if you’re aware, but my best friend is a model. #HumbleBrag
  4. Please do my makeup next girls’ night.
  5. How did I get so lucky to have such a cool best friend?
  6. With you guys, I forget all my problems. Time stands still.
  7. I need this picture framed!
  8. You look so fresh you look like you’d be a 13 dollar salad.
  9. You are getting me envious with your look.
  10.  Your face is glowing like a red rose.

Some Instagram Comments Ideas,

Whenever you need unique Instagram comments ideas, must read it

  1. You make everything look so fun! Can we hang soon?”
  2. We are the only guys with the copyright of breaking the internet with such hot stuff.
  3. Live for the moments you cannot put in words
  4. Friends Come and go, but true buddies stick like that mark on your skin.
  5. What an abundance of beauty you are.
  6.  Embrace the glorious mess that you are.
  7. Some people serve up looks, but you serve up LEWKS
  8. Flawless, sensational, unpredictable, and beautiful.
  9. Our love and loyalty run more profoundly than blood.
  10.  Beauty can’t be expressed in words.

Hope you have got enough Instagram comments ideas to leave on your friend’s posts.

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