Things You Can Expect During The Nile River Cruise

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word, ‘Egypt’? Egypt is not just a word – it’s a destination, an emotion.

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when they hear about this destination is pyramids and mummies. Movies have given a distorted view of what Egypt is all about.

Do you know why pyramids were built? In earlier times, kings used to believe that there was an afterlife, so the pyramids were nothing but a sign of glorification of life after death.

There are many stories you ought to hear when you visit Egypt, and that’s why we suggest you book a tour package with a trusted Nile River cruise provider and explore the beauty of this destination. It’s more than just pyramids – there is so much more you have to witness.

There is something magical about cruising down the Nile River. Since you are thinking about going for this cruise, we would love to highlight what you can expect during the trip.

Read this full post as we share some secrets with you before you head for the much-loved Nile river cruise.

Starting With a Bustling and Vibrant City

When you opt for the Nile river cruise, you either make your way down south or further up north. In case you are interested in taking the south option, you will be starting your journey from Cairo.

Cairo is a vibrant city, and you will get to experience that through the cruise. Cairo is where all the great pyramids are, and you can also witness the magnificence of the great Sphinx.

Travelling to the Northern Side

The chances are that you will start the cruise from Cairo, but then you are the consumer so you get to choose to start your cruise from the north direction too.

You get cruises from Aswan which has similar stops as south direction. You will be visiting Cairo during the cruise, so there is nothing much to miss.

Check the itinerary of the cruise before heading for a journey.

Aswan is a beautiful city with historical relevance. There are ancient ruins such as the famous Temple of Philae. It’s a ruins complex in Agilkia Island that was built way back in 280 BCE.

The city has much more to offer – you can visit the Nubian Museum where you get to learn about Nubia’s history.

Long and Short Nile River Cruises

You have the power to choose between a long and short cruise. If you want to go for a longer cruise that covers every famous destination, then a 5-8 days long cruise would be favorable. There are short 3-4 night cruises too such as the one departing from Luxor and going to Aswan or vice versa. You get the option of 3 or 4 night river cruises in which you will get to see the most popular spots.

Nile cruise Luxor Aswan is preferred by most of the ardent travelers because this is how you get to see the true beauty of Egypt.

Travelers get to visit the Temple of Philae, Kom Ombo, the High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk, and Edfu and Edna. Luxor is famous for the Valley of the Kings (and Queens) and the famous Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

The experience is indeed unforgettable, but longer cruises are also there where you get to experience everything at a slow pace. There are no rush 7 nights cruises and the ones that last for 10-11 nights.

It’s your choice as to how many days you want to cruise down the river. If the idea is to explore all of Egypt then a longer cruise is recommended.

Different Cruise Operators Have Different Evening Entertainment Itineraries

So, now that you know about the Nile cruise famous spots you would get to visit, it’s important to know that every cruise has something different to offer.

Since you are going to spend a lot of time onboard, you might want to choose a cruise with an interesting itinerary.

Does the cruise have evening entertainment planned for the guests? It all depends on the cruise you choose.

Look for a cruise that has something fun for the evening. Let’s say there are dance and musical nights in the cruise or belly dancing. Some also have a lecture session on Egypt’s history and other cruises have disco nights too.

Most of the cruise operators showcase their itinerary, so selecting the best one becomes easier.

This is something you can control! You can choose how to spend your evening on the cruise. It could be mingling with people or dancing the night away.

Hot Air Balloon Ride over the Valley of the Kings

Visiting the Valley of the Kings early in the morning and enjoying a hot air balloon ride is a possibility.

You have to pay extra for this experience because the hot air balloon ride is not included in most of the Nile river cruise packages.

If you have the budget and the time, do try out this activity because it allows you to see the first sun rays hit the Valley of the Kings. It’s beautiful beyond words, and you must not miss this experience at any cost.

Dress Modestly To Avoid Giggles and Stares

90% of the popular in Egypt are Muslims. Women are mostly dressed in long sleeve clothes and hijabs. You might want to dress modestly when going for a cruise.

Tourists are not expected to follow rules, but just to respect the culture and conservative nature of the inhabitants, you must dress appropriately.

You can wear linen clothing to keep your body cool and comfortable throughout the journey. Pack your clothes and shoes accordingly to stay comfortable and avoid all the awkward stares.

An Unforgettable Nile River Cruise Awaits You

You can expect to have a wonderful trip! The cruise is a must when you are in Egypt. If you don’t wish to miss the bustling city crowd or the stunning views of temples and pyramids, a Nile river cruise should be a part of your itinerary.

You will miss the most amazing views of your life if you skip this one!

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