Survey Confirms Popularity of JavaScript, Python, C/C++, While C# Overtakes PHP


Analyst corporation SlashData surveyed over 19,000 respondents from one hundred fifty-five international locations for its “State of the Developer Nation” survey and now estimates that there may be 24.3 million energetic builders worldwide.

TechRadar reports:

The document pegs JavaScript as the most famous language, which, collectively with editions such as TypeScript and CoffeeScript, is utilized by nearly 14 million builders across the world. Based on SlashData’s observations during the last numerous years, more than four and a half million JavaScript builders have joined the ranks between Q4 2017 and Q1 2021. This is the best boom in absolute number phrases across all programming languages…

Python comes in second with over 10 million users, followed by Java (9.4 million) and C/C++ (7.3 million).The document notes that Python introduced 1.6 million new builders within the past year, recording a boom fee of 20%.

From ZDNet:

According to SlashData, the following three largest developer groups are C/C++ (7.3 million), Microsoft’s C# (6.5 million), and PHP (6.3 million).Other huge agencies of builders are enthusiasts of Kotlin, Swift, Go, Ruby, Objective-C, Rust, and Lua.

SlashData, on the other hand, notes that Rust and Lua have been the two fastest-growing programming language groups in the last year, albeit with a lower base than Python.

And Visual Studio magazine could not help emphasizing that C# “has ticked up a notch in popularity, overtaking PHP for No. 5 on that ranking.”

“C# misplaced three locations within the ratings of language groups between Q3 2019 and Q3 2020; however, it regained its lead over PHP within the next six months after including half of the 1,000,000 builders,” the document states. “C# is historically famous in the laptop developer community; however, it is also the most widely used language amongst AR/VR and recreation builders, in large part because of the full-size adoption of the Unity recreation engine in those areas.”

Survey Confirms Popularity of JavaScript, Python, C/C++, While C# Overtakes PHP

It was a unique story a year ago, when the 18th version of the document stated: “C# lost approximately 1 million builders throughout 2019… [I]t appears to be losing its facet in laptop improvement, most likely because of the emergence of cross-platform tools primarily based entirely on internet technologies.”

As new Microsoft initiatives like Blazor Desktop (a “cross-platform device completely based on internet technologies”) and.NET MAUI offer a variety of laptop approaches, the language may see further advancement in laptop advancement. 

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