Radonda Vaught Husband: Who Is Ed Vaught?

Radonda Vaught Husband

Former Vanderbilt University Medical Center nurse Radonda Vaught was sentenced to three years of probation.

The former nurse was found guilty of giving the wrong medication to the affected person, Charlene Murphey, which resulted in her death.

Vaught was found guilty in March of criminally negligent murder, a first-degree felony, and gross neglect of an impaired adult.

At the start of the hearing, Judge Smith stated that her workplace acquired loads of correspondence, such as calls, voicemails, and letters, in this case, all of which can be brought to the courtroom docket as a public record.

That notwithstanding, the nation called on Murphey’s son, Michael Murphey, to testify. Michael, who had been called to testify, told the courtroom that he does not believe his mother should have Vaught imprisoned.

Meanwhile, Michael’s father, Charlene’s widower, could disagree. Furthermore, Michael testified that his father could but preferred that Vaught serve the longest sentence.

Radonda Vaught Husband: Who Is Ed Vaught?

Ed Vaught is the recognized husband of former nurse Radonda Vaught.

The husband of the convicted nurse manages their company, Horny Out of Door Apparel.

Meanwhile, information about Ed is no longer available to the public.

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