Programming in Rust is Fun – But Challenging, Finds Annual Community Survey

Programming in Rust

Participants in this year’s survey from the Rust community noticed an increase in their usage on a weekly basis and also issues, writes InfoWorld:

Of those who were surveyed using Rust, 81% used the language at least every week, as opposed to 72% who participated in the last survey. Of all Rust users, 75% of them reported that they could write code for production. However, 27% of them said that it was sometimes a struggle to write effective code that is production-ready. The survey indicated an expanding, healthy group composed of “Rustaceans.” It also identified a few issues. In particular, Rust users would like to have improvements in compile time and disc usage, debugging, and GUI creation.

For those who had to learn Rust on the job, 83% said they found the language “challenging.” However, it wasn’t clear whether the issue was related to Rust or the general difficulties that come with the adoption of an entirely new language. In the first year of adoption, only 13% of respondents thought that the language hindered their team’s progress, and 82% said Rust helped teams achieve their goals.

The majority of respondents use Rust 59% of them utilise it on a regular basis at work, while 23% of them use it most of the time for programming. In the last year, only 42% of people used rust at work.

From the results of the survey:

Following adoption, the expenses appear to be justified. Just 1% of those who took part didn’t think the effort was worth the effort, while 79% agreed that it definitely was. If asked if their teams were likely to employ Rust in the future, 90% of respondents were in agreement. Of those who used Rust at work, 89% stated that their teams enjoyed it. enjoyable and enjoyable programming.

For those who were asked about the reasons why they have chosen to use Rust in their work environment, the most popular response was that it allows users “to create fairly accurate and bug-free programs,” and 96% of those surveyed agreed with this statement. Following the accuracy performance (92 percent), the next desired selection was made. Eighty-nine percent of those who responded believed that they had picked Rust for work due to Rust’s security qualities that are often discussed.

All in all, Rust seems to be an ideal language to meet production challenges, as only 3 percent of those who were surveyed said that Rust was a “risky” option to use in production.

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