Masako Katsura: Age, Height, Biography, Ethnicity, Career, Family, Husband, Net Worth and many more

Masako Katsura


Masako Katsura is a legendary billiards player who rose to prominence in the 1950s. She made a call for herself, becoming an international beauty billiard participant at a time when guys were most effective at performing the sport. She ended up being so expert that she earned the nickname “First Girl of Billiards,” but while billiards was what made Katsura, there was more to her than the sport. Masako Katsura was 14 years old when she started playing billiards. Born in Tokyo on March 7, 1913, Katsura grew up under the watchful eye of her mother, in particular after her father passed away. And Katsura’s mother advised her to learn to play billiards.

“I changed into prone, and I changed into worn-out all of the time,” Katsura said. “So my mother wanted me to play billiards to give me exercise and make me stronger.” Billiard halls were popular in Tokyo in the 1920s. Katsura’s brother-in-regulation even owned one. Katsura found her information in the game as soon as she picked up a cue. Katsura began walking around the billiard hall and running more frequently. Masako Katsura The net worth is approximately $6 million USD.

Masako Katsura: Age, Height, Biography, Ethnicity, Career, Family, Husband, Net Worth and many more

Masako Katsura’s age and death

On March 7, 1913, Masako Katsura became a boy in Tokyo. Little is understood about Katsura’s early life in Japan. Matsuyama died on December 20, 1953, after suffering a heart attack while returning to Japan.

Masako Katsura’s height, weight, and measurements

Masako Katsura’s highest point is 1.52 meters. But this peak isn’t always confirmed. Her weight continues to be unknown. Masako’s frame size continues to be unknown. There is also no information about her hair or eye color.

Masako Katsura’s biography

Masako Katsura (7 March 1913–95), nicknamed “Katsy” and sometimes referred to as the “First Girl of Billiards,” was a Japanese carom billiards player who was most active in the 1950s. Katsura paved the way for women’s billiards by competing and placing many notables in the male-dominated international expert billiards circuit. Katsura became Japan’s most effective female professional participant after first learning the sport from her brother-in-law and then under the tutelage of Japanese champion Kinrey Matsuyama. In competition in Japan, she finished second in the United States’ massive 3-cushion billiards championship three times. She was recognized in the exhibition for taking 10,000 steps in the sport of straight rail. After gambling so much on video games, she moved back to Japan around 1990 and died in 1995.

Full Name Masako Katsura
Born 7 March 1913
Gender Female
Age 82 years


Nicknames The First Lady of Billiards Katsy, Masako
Country of citizenship United States of America
Place of birth Tokyo
Date of death 1995
Height 1.52 meters.
Occupation carom billiards player
Sport cue sports
Hometown Tokyo, Japan

Masako Katsura Biography

Masako Katsura ethnicity

Masako Katsura (Katsura Masako, March 7, 1913—March 5, 1995), nicknamed “Katsy” and dubbed the “First Lady of Billiards,” was a Japanese carom billiards player who was most active in the 1950s. Katsura paved the way for women in the game by competing and defeating many of the game’s greats in the male-dominated world of professional billiards. After first gaining knowledge of the sport from her brother-in-law and then under the tutelage of Japanese champion Kinrey Matsuyama, Katsura has emerged as Japan’s best lady professional player. In competition in Japan, she finished second in the United States’ national 3-cushion billiards championship three times. She made a name for herself during the exhibition by running 10,000 elements in the game of hetero rail.

Masako Katsura’s career

As Katsura’s recreation began to improve, she was sent to take part in competitions with Japanese male game enthusiasts. At 15, she performed like a pro and began traveling to China, Japan, and Taiwan for competitions, accompanying her sisters. In 1937, her billiards profession emerged and was boosted at the same time as she met Kinney Matsuyama. He instructed her on the information and how she could become a higher-level expert in the sport. Professionally, Kinney Matsuyama obtained many Japanese 3-cushion championships and a US country-wide championship in 1934, along with many other unique awards. Katsura’s abilities advanced under her new teacher’s guidance. She will become the best girl’s expert billiard player in Japan and a legendary player by 1947. In 1948, she finished second in Japan’s national 3-cushion championship and went on to win the second region two years later. Katsura outperformed many male billiard players in the sport and began participating in public billiard exhibitions to encourage women to play billiards. One of the Forty Exhibitions has become iconic, while Katsura scored 10,000 points in a 4-and-a-half-hour rail recreation.

Because the Second World War hampered Katsura’s sporting career, she researched various methods to improve it once the war ended. She performed with American troops quickly, and as a result, her recognition spread throughout worldwide locations. Katsura moved to California in 1951 and performed billiards there. However, America has evolved into a predominately male-dominated society, and women no longer participate in sports. She set records in the 1952 global 3-cushion billiards event, becoming the first woman to do so.

Katsura wrote billiards-related books that were published in Japan. Because of a drop in fan interest, the 1961 quarterfinal 3-cushion championship match was canceled in 1961.Harold Worst, the defending champion since 1954, asked the Japanese great to name a fight in a circuit that drew worldwide attention. Alas, Katsura was out of place in six of her seven bouts in opposition to Worst. She maintained a low profile after the sport and is now rarely seen, even in exhibition suits.

Masako Katsura Family

Masako Katsura was born on March 7, 1913, in Tokyo. Little is concept approximately Katsura’s formative years in Japan. Katsura had three sisters and a brother. Their father died while Katsura modified it into a 12-year-old antique, and she or he went to live together along with her elder sister and her sister’s husband, Tomio Kobashi, who owned a billiard parlor.

Masako Katsura’s boyfriend

When Katsura performed exhibition fits for the Yankee troops, she met Sergeant Vernon Greenleaf, an American serviceman. Greenleaf appeared to be stationed in Japan and was greatly inspired by Katsura’s gaming abilities. He asked her to train him to play the sport, and it has become apparent since then that each of them fell in love with someone different. Katsura and Greenleaf have been married since 1950. Her husband became published once again in the United States soon after the wedding, and Katsura followed him. The couple settled within the United States and lived fortuitously till 1967, when Greenleaf died. Unfortunately, the couple did not have any children, and Katsura did not remarry.

Masako Katsura Net is extremely valuable.

Take a look at how wealthy Masako Katsura will be in 2020. Furthermore, current information on Masako Katsura’s vehicles, income, remuneration, and lifestyle Masako Katsura estimated his net worth to be around $6 million, based primarily on online resources (Wikipedia, Google search, and Yahoo seek), with carom billiards being his primary source of income. We don’t have enough evidence to support Masako Katsura’s vehicles or lifestyle. We are able to replace these statistics quickly.

FAQs about Masako Katsura

Masako, are you still alive?

Masako gave up the ghost again in 1995, at eighty-two years old. So it’s abundantly clear that Masako is lifeless but no longer properly alive. Furthermore, there are numerous deceptive instances and bits of rumor concerning Masako’s age, and all of them are false because she passed away quite some time ago. Simply put, the set of studies laid out her real photograph and what was to come.

For what cause is Masako nicely known?

Masako is famous for being known as the “Woman of Billiards” when she competed in the international billiard competition as the primary female competitor. That is the reason she chose this name, and everyone blamed her for what she did. From that point forward, Masako commenced to participate in new gatherings, and people have become conscious of her presence.

Was Masako a happy kid?

According to some evidence, she misplaced her dad at an extremely young age, so she wasn’t the most joyful. That is what made her upset, but it was followed by a series of other events in her life as she developed an interest in sports activities.

How did she get her start in the first place?

Masako Katsura, unlike Beth Harmon, is not an orphan, despite the fact that her father died when she was only 12 years old. She later moved in with her older sister, whose husband owned a billiards parlor. She started going there, and at the age of 13, she started working for him as a pool attendant. Because of her curiosity, he taught her the basics and had a desk delivered to her home.

Who cares if she didn’t win the sector name?

Take a look at what she did for women in billiards and other cue sports. She made it appropriate for girls to take part in those sports activities. She exemplifies what it means to be a trailblazer. And she relished each second of her illustrious life. She became loved via the means of her followers, and she or he became loved via the means of them. It’s difficult to comprehend how influential she became in the world of 2021. Until Katsura came along, seeing girls play cue sports or maybe women in pool and snooker halls was scandalous, and lots of humans despised the idea. The fact that she did it and obtained love and adoration for it demonstrates what a wonderful, kind, formidable, and smart soul she became.


So this concludes our exam of Masako Katsura with a complete analysis. Humans, on the other hand, are alive despite the fact that the majority of those who die have had their facts and memories completely erased. Even after such a long time, old people like Masako are remembered. Masako Katsura Net is, as expected, worth around $6 million USD. She is an entity that rose to prominence within the preceding century and then vanished within the same century. However, she is most famous for her amazing performances in the sport of billiards. At a worldwide sports activities conference, she represented women from everywhere in the world. That is why so many human beings take her into account and adore her to the nth degree.

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