I played a sneak peek of ‘Pokémon Scarlet,’ the franchise’s first open world game


The 9th installment within the iconic franchise’s most important collection of video games, “Pokémon Scarlet & Violet,” melds the fine elements of “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” and “Pokémon Sword & Shield” to debut Pokémon’s first open international sport, out November 18.

I realize what you’re thinking. “Legends: Arceus,” which was released early this year, became frequently defined as an open international sport, despite the fact that it is no longer quite comparable to hits like “Legends of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” But from the hour-and-a-half that I was given to play “Pokémon Scarlet,” the open international claims appear legit. That is, you can run around and not encounter any invisible barriers; however, Nintendo designated a completely distinct nook of the map for those early playthroughs, and I became too preoccupied with sniffing out modern-day Pokémon to equip my Koraidon and dash in the direction of the private depths of Paldea.

Speaking of which, Koraidon and Miraidon, the legendaries that seem on the covers of “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet,” are characteristic otherwise than beyond legendaries. Usually, the Pokémon that grace the art work of recent video games are overpowered beasts like Kyogre, Dialga, or Zacian that you subsequently seize after numerous hours of gameplay. However, from the start of the game, you will be part of a force with your sport’s chosen legend, whom you can use for transportation. In “Legends: Arceus,” gamers may want to journey Pokémon like Braviary, Basculegion, and Sneasler to fly, swim, climb, or simply pass faster. Koraidon and Miraidon are the same, and you don’t have to switch between them. I bet those legendaries are honestly more professional than a negative vintage Ursaluna.

So, what’s new in “Pokémon Scarlet & Violet”? To be honest, the demo I performed appeared to be mainly designed to no longer provide a good deal more than what’s already been proven in trailers. But I can monitor one very key piece of information. As formerly announced, you may make sandwiches together with your Pokémon, just like tenting and making curry in “Sword & Shield.” And unfortunately, yes, you may indeed feed Lechonak a ham sandwich. I’m so sorry.

Three distinct travel routes

Paldea is stimulated by the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain)—a more exciting piece than when Pokémon based “Black and White” on New York City and gave us Trubbish, a literal trash bag Pokémon. Instead, we get cutes like Lechonk, a play on lechon, the Spanish word for cooked pork (which is why I fed Lechonk a ham sandwich; he’s actually a pig, and ham comes from pigs; I’ve already apologized; I’m not sure what you need from me).

Because it’s an open international sport, gamers can select the order in which to explore “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.” Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street are the three story routes that can be explored in any order.

Victory Road is your preferred Pokémon storyline—you battle gyms, get badges, and get assigned to the Elite Four. Simple enough. But you may also have to finish a few aspect quests on the way to get the health club chief to assign you. The grass-themed health club in Artazon, an art-themed town, requires the participant to disguise themselves and is on the hunt with a swarm of Sunflora.

This is where the non-linear storyline would possibly get tricky—in case you’ve already explored different storylines, will you honestly simply eviscerate Brassius’ Sudowoodo? Then again, we’re adults, and gambling is a sport for children. Simply play a Nuzlocke run if you need an actual assignment from the health club gymnasium battles.

The Path of Legends direction resembles the boss battles in “Legends: Arceus,” which are much simpler and less frustrating. In “Legends: Arceus,” you needed to throw balls of the Pokémon’s preferred meals (?) at it as a means of keeping off its ferocious attacks. In the brand new video games, you simply battle an especially sturdy Pokémon. But the massive Klawf that I confronted scampered away before I completely exhausted its health, and now that I’m an instructor, I’m not supposed to run after it in my demonstration, so hey. Perhaps we’ll still have to throw food at Pokémon after all. I’m now no longer searching ahead to it.

Then there’s Starfall Street, which occupies the “defeat the terrible guys!” part of your preferred Pokémon tale. We first came across Team Star at a base that’s now no longer too far from Artazon. You must ring the doorbell to head inside—I by chance flew over it on my Koraidon, and Team Star did not take kindly to that. Then, you have some other pre-war assignment: you’ve got 10 minutes to defeat thirty Pokémon, like Vulpix, Torkoal, and Houndoom.

In more than just video games, KOing 30 Pokémon that are speedy could be difficult. But “Scarlet & Violet,” shall we say, are “car war” wild creatures, which makes the technique of grinding to stage up a piece much less strenuous. Is this a significant life advancement, or does it eliminate the rite of passage of elevating your Pokémon? Eh, we already moved beyond that after the Exp. Share became so overpowered.

One undeniably beneficial evolution is “car heal,” which uses items from your bag to restore a Pokémon to full health. The days of feeding your Hoppip three different potions to get 60 HP are long gone. You can also switch between your celebration Pokémon on the go, just like in other modern video games.

When you defeat the ones from Team Star, Mela’s demanding situations force you to wage war against her enormously cumbersome Torkoal, which sits atop the Starmobile, a massive vehicle that wouldn’t be out of place at a satisfaction parade. Even Game Freak is attuned to the disco ball trend!

But here’s where things get weird. Once you defeat the Torkoal, you may combat the Starmobile. I’ll leave it at that, for criminal reasons.

Key new capabilities in “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet”

I’ll be honest: I don’t give a damn about Mega Pokémon, Dynamax Pokémon, or whatever else we’ve been led to believe is the next frontier in combating our stupid little guys (vivid mega Gengar is badass, though). Terastal Pokémon, on the other hand, are extremely useful, adding a brand new wrinkle to the method of Pokémon combat.

When your Pokémon transforms, it becomes a completely different species. So, for example, Gym Leader Brassius’ Sudowoodo turns from a rock kind to a grass kind. Brassius is unlikely to make a strategic pass, preferring to pursue a hearthstone-type Pokémon like Pawmi or Fuecoco. Consider sending a Pikachu into battle instead of a Golem—if you can terraform right into a water type, for example, you might win that matchup!

Pokémon do not always have the same tera form. So, one Pikachu would possibly develop into a grass kind, even as some other would possibly turn out to be a hearthplace kind. However, the tera paperwork isn’t assigned at random; if you find a Pokémon in a raid den, there’s a better chance it’ll have a rarer tera form.

Although online raid battles have been added to “Sword & Shield,” the war machine in “Scarlet & Violet” is far more engaging. It’s a comparable format—four running shoes are a rare, effective Pokémon—but the most up-to-date machine is not turn-based. So, in case your fellow runners are taking too long to cheer you on or assault the boss, it won’t be as annoying. Soon enough, you may trap that cool Tera form.

First impressions

As a Pokémon fan, I am virtually overjoyed by “Pokémon Scarlet.” Give me extra video games! I just like the little pocket monsters!

It’s an especially complex piece for someone whose job it is to critically analyze video games. If you loved “Pokémon Sword & Shield” and “Pokémon Legends: Arceus,” then you’ll love “Pokémon Scarlet & Violet,” even though it feels a tad repetitive. But if you already believe that the images from “Sword & Shield” were bad or that Charmander is a traitor because he was the first Kanto starter to appear in the game, you’re probably less excited. But wouldn’t it soften the blow if I told you that I don’t expect Charmander to appear in Paldea just yet?

This is the difficulty with Pokémon. Game Freak and Nintendo realize that irrespective of what they make, human beings will purchase it, due to the fact that we’re honestly pawns of the Pikachu machine. So, why now no longer churn out as many video games as speedy as possible? But as we pay Big EeveeTM $60 a pop for every and each sport, we might simply marvel at how good “Scarlet and Violet” could be if the brand new installment had an extra year to develop.

I played a sneak peek of ‘Pokémon Scarlet,’ the franchise’s first open world game

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