‘Hey Siri’ to Become Just ‘Siri’


“Apple is using a large extrapolation to how its Siri voice assistant works,” writes the blog Nine to Five Mac:

While you presently must say “Hey Siri” to prompt the assistant hands-free, that might not be the case for much longer. According to Bloomberg, Apple engineers are working to remove the “hey” part of the phrase so you can simply say “Siri,” as observed by using a command to prompt the assistant.

In the present-day version of his Power On newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that this is “a technical mission that calls for a considerable quantity of AI education and underlying engineering work.” According to reports, Apple has been working on this change for several months, and hopes to release it in 2024, depending on improvements and testing….

‘Hey Siri’ to Become Just ‘Siri’

This may be better than what Amazon provides, in which you must say “Alexa” to activate the assistant rather than “Hey Alexa.”

Although long-time Slashdot reader cstacy already complained, “I cannot talk to Amazon Alexa, because she hears only “Alexa” and wakes up,” that’s now no longer a feature; it’s a bug! ” Why would Apple and Google need to do the same?

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