Cadbury Site Puts Bollywood Star in AI-Generated Ads For Local Businesses


“Big businesses and brands that suffered during the pandemic have found their way back,” declares the latest advertisement by the British confectionery company Cadbury. “But the smaller stores continue to suffer.”

In response, Cadbury “has come up with an AI tool that will enable customers to create an ad for their local stores for free,” BGR reports. The ads will magically feature Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan:

Cadbury (via NW18) says it is using machine-learning and AI techniques to replicate the face and voice. This can be used to refer to and highlight a local shop’s name in the advertisement. To make it easy for local shopkeepers, it has put up a dedicated website,, to help them create their own “custom promotional videos.”

“Since it is not possible to cover every local store, we give the power to the people to create their own version.” Cadbury is mentioned in the advertisement.

Evidently, Cadbury is now targeting various versions of the final advertisement according to the location of each viewer (so the actor appears to be uttering the names of the stores that are closing in their area).

The ad concludes with Shah Rukh Khan telling the world, “The small stores around us deserve to have a happy Diwali.”

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