Ayanna Davis Snapchat Video

Ayanna Davis Snapchat Video

A teacher in Florida did not sleep with a student.

Ayanna Davis’ Snapchat video is everywhere on social media, and people are wondering why this is trending. It’s because Ayanna Davis, a twenty-year-old Florida substitute teacher, was accused of sleeping with one of her students.

This all happened because the videos of their hot and sexy selves were published on Snapchat. She’s now accused of assaulting students.

This happened after school officials were notified of the leak of the video. The video was thought to depict a sexual encounter with a school student.

The male student who is in the middle of this story is believed to be 16 years of age or less.

Ayanna Davis Snapchat Video

Ayanna Davis and her student were said to have had sex in four instances. For a while now, they’ve been having fun in secret. According to reports, they did it three times in her Lakeland home as well as the student’s home. According to a press release issued by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office (PSCO),

One of their interactions was captured on Snapchat. The video was then presented to a group of college footballers, according to the press release.

One of the students who saw the video reported it to teachers and resource officers at the school. The school resource officers were prompted to initiate an investigation. It was later confirmed that this was indeed true.

Ayanna Davis is charged with two counts of sexual battery by custodians, as well as offenses against schoolchildren by an authority figure based on county warrants and two counts of battery brought by Lakeland police officers.

Her statement was also believed to be in line with the information that the victim gave detectives. Sheriff Grady Judd said:

“The victim was placed in an area with influence over her, and she used the situation for her own pleasure.”

Ayanna Davis Snapchat Video

The teacher, who was a substitute teacher, was in court on December 11 and was granted $60,000. Jail records show that she was granted bail on the 14th of December, which was Tuesday. She’s due to appear in court on January 10. It is not known whether she has contacted an attorney.

Ayanna Davis Snapchat Video

Davis, who was employed at the school with the company she worked for, Kelly Education, which helps Polk County Public Schools find substitute teachers, has been an employee since the month of August. Davis has since been removed from the school and will not be able to take on staffing assignments until the outcome of the criminal investigation.

Kelly Education said in a statement:

“Davis has successfully completed and passed all screen and background requirements. Polk County School District requires substitute teachers to hold either a high school diploma or a GED.  “Polk County School District officials accepted the results of the background check and screening requirements.”

Ayanna Davis Snapchat Video

Kelly Education also reiterated that students’ safety will always be the “highest priority.” PCSO also stated that Kelly Education has been notified that Davis is not working within Polk County Public Schools. Polk County Public School System

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