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‘Advent of Code’ Has Begun – and Other Geeky Daily Programming Challenges

The 1st of December is very much anticipated by those who enjoy challenging programming. It’s time to begin gathering stars by working through little problems through the Advent of Code website with the intention of accumulating 50 stars before Christmas Day, December 25th. Raku has also launched its Advent Calendar and an all-new Bekk Christmas blog, which includes detailed content covering a variety of topics. As of the time of writing , we are just 10.5 hours into the Advent of Code’s Day 1. Almost 50,000 people are completing both challenges. An additional 8,484 have completed the first. Some developers are livestreaming the progress they’ve made on Twitch or posting their ideas (and particularly innovative solutions) on the Advent of Code subreddit. The Advent of Code subreddit is a great place to start.

We can thank Perl for inventing the concept of a calendar that was programmed to include daily posts with a holiday theme. That is why the Raku Advent Calendar is now continuing the tradition. It is now in its 13th year, but the only one with a new name This year’s first advent calendar post resolves the problem for Santa of creating thumbnails for close to 2.25 billion photos…

Smashing magazine has compiled its own comprehensive list of geek-themed Advent calendars. Other highlights include:

  • The adored site ” 24 Pull Requests” is back in operation for 2021. It’s asking users to submit 24 pull requests prior to the 24th of December. (The site’s tagline reads “giving the back of open source during the season of giving.”) Since its inception, 26,465 contributors (as well as 25,738 companies) have participated in the website.
  • The Advent of JavaScript and Advent of CSS websites promise 24 puzzles that will be delivered via email (though you’ll need to pay if you wish to receive the answers!).
  • The year also witnessed each day’s challenges for the annual sixth code security advent calendar being posted on Twitter as well as TryHackMe.com also having its own cybersecurity challenges (and even some prizes).


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