5 Tips For Keeping A Clean Bathroom


Keeping a smooth toilet is an art form. It requires patience and organization skills, but it can also make your life run more smoothly than ever before. A smooth toilet can also make your existence less difficult. If you have a smooth toilet, it will be easier to keep it that way in the future. Fortunately, maintaining a smooth toilet doesn’t have to be tough. With the assistance of those pointers, you may ensure your toilet remains smooth and prepared for the lengthy haul.

Rinse the sink after each use

After each use, rinse your sink to eliminate cleaning soap scum and mouthwash that could accumulate. It only takes a second to rinse the sink after cleaning it, and paying attention to this small step will help you avoid dirt buildup in the long run. This approach involves a brief rinse and wipedown of the toilet basin and countertop after each use. It is also critical to remove as much moisture as possible from the toilet. Moisture is a breeding ground for mildew, and mildew can cause stains that are difficult to remove. If you’ve got a bath or bathtub, ensure it comes equipped with a squeegee that will help you dispose of extra water and permit it to dry properly.

Organize the whole thing

Keeping your toilet running smoothly also entails keeping everything organized, including your makeup, hair care products, towels, and toothbrushes.You can shop it all in small baskets to see what’s reachable and what needs to be replaced.You can also get a drawer organizer or one for your toilet drawers to help with clutter removal.Also, attempt to keep matters to a minimum and clean surfaces like your countertops, toilet sink, and lavatory tank tops.

Empty the trash often

It is crucial to drain the trash can daily. Try to do this on a regular basis, such as every couple of days or on every occasion where you know the bag will be used. In this manner, the trash can smells fresh and allergens don’t accumulate. If you need to keep your toilet smelling fresh, try air fresheners as well. To similarly keep your trash can from smelling, try putting a small quantity of baking soda inside the backside of the trash bin to absorb odors.

Use liquid cleaning soap for the sink

For the sink, you must use liquid hand cleaning soap rather than bar soap. This is due to the fact that liquid hand cleaning soap is more powerful than bar cleaning soap and is much less likely to accumulate scum and cause clogs. It’s also easier to rinse off, so you can go a little longer between cleanings without worrying about it getting too dirty. A liquid cleaning soap dispenser is also easy to replenish and smooth, so you don’t have to worry about it becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

Develop a normal cleansing routine

Whether it’s each Wednesday or a different day, a prepared agenda will keep your toilet smooth and bacteria-free. Once you’ve got one, keep on with it. The more frequently you clean your toilet, the less work you’ll have to do to keep it in good condition. Set aside time each week to wipe down surfaces and ensure all objects are placed away where they belong at the end of every day. When you make it an addiction to do so, you may have a glowing, smooth toilet all of the time.


Keeping a smooth toilet is a lot less difficult than you think. All it takes is a little determination, planning, and dedication. After all, you spend a lot of time on your toilet every day, so it’s crucial to keep it smooth. And with those pointers in mind, you can keep your toilet smooth and tidy with greater ease and efficiency.

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